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Recollections of the Future

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(A brief interview with Rob Barsky by Vickie Herndon Sopin)


Vickie: How did Future Music get started Rob?


Rob: Well, I saw the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964, and like a million other guys, grew my hair and started a band. We stayed together in various forms through the mid-70s. Then, from 1975 through 1980, I was basically a solo act, just me and my 12-string guitar.


When my daughter was born in 1980, I took the next five years off from music to just stay home and be? Daddy. John Lennon was my hero...that is what he did? I continued to follow his example (best thing I ever did).


In the summer of 1985 I sat and watched the Live Aid Concert. It was the first event in many years that really captured the spirit of Woodstock. I found that quite exciting. That night I wrote a song called? Future Music. It was about the power of music and how it could be a positive influence on the future.


I got together with my friend Peter Keltz, an incredible guitar player who had a home four-track cassette recording studio and we began recording some of my newer songs. We decided to name the first album? Future Music? And somewhere along the line, someone had t-shirts made, and the next thing I knew, it was the name of the band.


Between 1985 and 1994 I wrote, and we recorded 10 Future Music albums. Peter left the band, after, I believe, the seventh album, and Andy Watts (Chainsaw Jane) and Rich Arbaugh (Wavelength) took over as lead guitarists.


It would take forever to describe the events of the next 10 years of my life, but for a myriad of reasons, I again ?retired? From music.


In February 2006, mostly out of sadness & self-therapy, I wrote the song, ?Recollections.? It was VERY personal, I had a hard time singing it without tears, but it felt right. I played it for a few people, all of whom were touched by it?..and I felt ?back.?


I e-mailed Rich and asked, ?I know you?re busy, but wanna record an album??


I think his response was ?I?ve been waiting 10 years?. I wrote ?Faulty Intelligence? that night, wrote ?Lost & Sound? the next day?we bought some modern recording equipment (the original Future Music studio had become ancient & obsolete).


We recorded the 11 songs on ?Recollections of the Future? from March 8 through June 28, 2006, and we were, you know, off to the future.


Vickie: Thank you Rob. Future Music is not just self-therapy to you, but it I am sure is therapy to the listeners.


END OF INTERVIEW (Early February 2007)




Here Are some Quotes to Remember Rob By:

"Real friends don't fade away."

"Life Goes On"


"I'm always honest...I don't sugar coat what I see".

"NEVER settle for anything less that 100% devotion, trust, & happiness"

"Never give up on what you believe; you must always follow your heart"

"Be yourself, and Let no one tell you different"

"FAR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I would just like to thank everyone who helped with this Memorial! Rob has had such a positive impact on so many people's lives; it is such a shame to lose such an amazing person! He will be truly missed by never forgotten; He will live through his music! Remember his words, his passion, and his wisdom! He will always be there for you! Just put on his record and let his words heal you!





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