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Eleven Eleven


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"Faulty Intelligence" is the power-popping, T. Rex-evoking indictment that propels Future Music's point of view on XI, and it makes its point perfectly, implying every failure of mind and deed from the pre-9/11 intelligence gap to Iraq to Katrina (not to mention the faulty intelligence that trips up relationships). Like everything on this latest, it concisely compounds classic-rock influence with heartfelt, mature vision, skilled craft, and melodic charm. "Cyndi Jean" deserves a place beside "Gloria" as one of the crunchiest gems of girlfriend praising, while "Lost and Sound" has the feel of Floyd on its own dreamy terms. The best thing about this is that every song matters, no filler, just a clean wedge of sound and songwriting, with Rob Barsky and Rich Arbaugh proving that a telepathic duo can handle multi-instrumentation without seeming studio-sterile. Maybe it's true that "there's no one to blame for the hurricane," as the wonderfully compassionate "Katrina" puts it, but equally true is the tag line, "the aftermath defines who we are," and so this album defines its creators: masters of a ruefully inspired brand of chamber-rock that draws from the richness of the past, calls to a troubled present, and dares us all to face the future.
Matt Damsker (9/9/06)

Future Music - Volume XI is dedicated to the continuing awareness of the victims of hurricane Katrina. If these songs have brought you some pleasure, PLEASE consider making a donation to the:
Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund (and let us know if you do.)
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As always, thanks for listening, Rob

This recording was inspired, stimulated, motivated, encouraged, nurtured and supported by many people and forces; physical, spiritual and telepathic.  I would like to thank (for reasons they will know): Matt Porter, Lisa Goldman, Howard Eskin, Jeff Shaara, Mike Simko, Lauren Barsky, Darren Daulton, Patricia Rice, Clashing Plaid, Stu Linder, Tom Orr, Chris Simko, Brian Goldstein, Rick Waltzer, Green Day, Joe Przygodzinski, Judd Williams, Bruce Bergenfeld, Eddie Scheps, Pete Keltz, Andy Watts, Dave Davies, Rich Arbaugh, Cynthia Funk and everyone who inspired "Recollections".

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Volume XI
all songs copyright 2006 Robert E. Barsky & Richard Arbaugh

 Dedicated To The Everlasting Memory of
John Lennon & George Harrison