Hesitation Love

We All Want The
Same Thing

Real Friends

Middle Of The Dark

Cycle Of Love

Something In Between

Lightning Strike


Devalued World

Where Are We
Really Going


Robert Barsky - Words, Music, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Electric Drums
Peter Keltz - Lead, Rhythm, Guitars, Keyboards, Harmony Vocals
Fred Zara - Keyboards on Hesitation Love

Rev. Thumbs O'Gurkin - musicological guidance
all songs copyright 1987 - Robert E. Barsky
"thanks for listening"

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She's got her bags packed, head for the airport,
catch the 8:15 to L.A.
Leaving behind her all the things that were her
whole life yesterday;
She's drawn the line, and now she's crossed it,
no delay, no stalling for time;
It was the look that she caught in your eyes
when she needed you most last night.

She put her tears in her pocket,
Put the ticket in her sleeve;
It was your hesitation love,
That caused her to leave.

Well, she's the kind of girl
who'd come and put the light in your world,
Put your mind on high,
and get you through each and every night.

Hesitation love.

And so she's gone now, she's looking for a
new time, new place a new start,
Hoping maybe she can find someone who'll believe
with all of their heart.
Someone who'll ask no questions
never entertain doubt in their mind,
Someone who'll always be there,
anyplace, anytime.

You look to see which way the cats jump,
As you watch from above;
Playing for time,
Hesitation love.


She's on the cover of the teasing times,
You never saw nothing like this;
She's a month of fun girl, then she says good-bye
Just like you didn't exist.
She's got it real bad.
She's out to prove something to herself.
And it seems so sad,
As she turns into someone else.

We all want the same thing,
But we're all gonna find it in a different way.
We all want the same thing,
But we're all gonna reach it in a different place.

He's on the move now, on a collision course,
Just catch the look in his eyes.
Complete abandon, surrender to the force,
He's got that girl on his mind.
He's got it real bad.
He wants her so, with all his might.
And I feel so sad,
'Cause I know where she was last night.


I was just returning from the broken trust
of disillusion love,
And wondering why I didn't see.
You came to my side and you touched me babe,
You made me feel the need,
To get back to all those things I believe.

Real friends don't fade away,
Real friends are there;
When the world gets you down
in one of it's many ways;
Real friends are there
to help you somewhere.

Well I opened up my heart to you,
I opened up my life.
I wasn't asking for very much,
A little of your time,
A little of that love you were holding inside.

Real Friends don't fade away.

Maybe I've been holding back with all I have,
afraid to get too close,
Remembering hurt from the past.
But when you got near me girl I could let it go,
I felt that love at last,
And that was the thing that I needed so bad.


Everybody wants what they can't have.
Looking for the ticket to get there fast.
Willing to sell it to make the climb.
But sometimes when they reach it,
It's not what they thought they'd find.

We'll tell you how to get there baby,
You gotta look really hard
And then you're gonna see it,
In the middle of the dark.

Everybody wants the finer things.
The problem is babe, they don't know what that is.
They try to buy it, they try to lock it up,
They try to define it, without any luck.

We'll show you how to reach it baby,
You gotta open up your heart
And then you're gonna feel it,
In the middle of the dark.
We'll tell you how to get there baby,
You gotta look really hard
And then you're gonna see it,
In the middle of the dark.
You know it's been a hard night baby,
How 'bout meeting me in the park,
I'd like to do it with you
In the middle of the dark.


It's time to make our stand,
It's time to take our chances;
To really understand, the final circumstances of,
The cycle of love.

Our time has finally come,
And it's up to us to take it.
It's right there before your eyes,
And no force on earth can shake it now,
We've found it somehow.

It's time to make the change,
We've waited now for so long;
It's time to start today, and finally set our course on high,
And reach it tonight.

Our time has finally come,
And there's just no use denying;
The power that we've become,
Since we have been united by,
This love that we find.


Still we try to make it right;
We've seen the light, we've seen the broken dreams;
It's something in between.

It's not the right or wrong,
It's just the things you do.
It's not the black and white,
It's just the shade you choose.
It's not the in and out,
It's how you make the move.
It's not just come and go,
It's what it means to you.

I should have known, I should have seen it.
I should have read into the lines she spoke.
There's what you say, there's what you really mean;
It's something in between.

You know it ain't the street,
You know it ain't the silver screen;
It's something in between.
Can't turn it on and off,
It's something that you feel.
It's never lost or found,
Not when it seems so real.
It isn't fast or slow,
It's always on the move.
It isn't future/past,
It's always there with you.

I should have known, I should have seen it.
I should have sensed you couldn't really see.
It's not the night, it's not the morning gleam;
It's something in between.


Terror fills the night when your lightning strikes.
And you can see it in their eyes,
When your lightning strikes.
And you can justify it your mind,
Tell me it's some freedom saving kind.
But they'll remember all their lives,
The terror of your lightning strike.

The nighttime sky's on fire, when your lightning strikes.
You can't tell the wrong from right,
When your lightning strikes.
You know a hundred years from now,
They'll still be talking about,
The trust you broke that night,
With your lightning strike.


Oversoul, I can hear it calling;
Oversoul, kind of pulling me.
Oversoul, when life's got you cornered;
Oversoul, gonna set you free.

Stepping beyond, logical reason;
Stepping beyond, all limitation.

Oversoul, anyone can find it;
Oversoul, it's the thing we share.
Oversoul, when you really need it;
Oversoul, gonna take you there.

Oversoul, it's a state of magic;
Oversoul, that we all can share.
Oversoul, it's the link between us;
Oversoul, gonna take you there.


How could you get so lost?
You were walking right beside me.
I thought you really saw,
But something caused your mind to wander.
You kind of drifted back,
Just as if you'd never been there.
You try to reach it now,
But just can't seem to break out of your;

Devalued world, devalued world.

Didn't need no friends or trust,
Not with all those walls around you.
Didn't want to talk of love,
You had more important things to do.
And now you got it all,
All the things that money buys you.
You're gonna need it now,
Cause it's the only thing you'll find in your;

Devalued world, devalued world.


Where are we really going?
Always home.

The word has been here for two thousand years,
It's right before your eyes if you just choose to hear;
We're leaving tonight,
Stepping across the bounds of time.

Where are we really going?
Always home.

We weren't scared before we got here,
And we're not scared now.
We were just passing through here anyhow;
We're leaving tonight,
Stepping across the seas of light.

Where are we really going?
Always home.

Be careful what you wish for, you know it might come true.
The only thing you really gotta know is you.
Just follow your heart,
Forget about the past and make your start.


Musicology, could be the reason;
Musicology, might be the answer;
Musicology, it's a solution;
Musicology, you know it seems so right.

Music of the spheres, creating rhythms;
Singing in the ears of new generations;
Musicality, to reach attunement;
Musicology, you know it seems so right.

I never dreamed we'd discover
The means to a new kind of passion like this.

I never thought we could get there
By key note creation, a musical kiss.

Musicology, supplied the reason;
Musicology, you know it was the answer;
Musicology, it's the solution;
Musicology, you know it seems so right.


Future Music - The Complete Lyrics
Volume III

all songs copyright 1985 -2006 Robert E. Barsky