Under Covers

Iím feeling cold
My soul is frozen
I pray for love to save me

Iím under covers
I beg for mercy
And all I get is maybe

I need you tonight
Like never before
Like itís never been bright
Like Iíve never been born
Like Iím ready to die
Iíll need your love now baby
To take me to the end of time

I need to know
Just what youíre thinking
I need to feel it badly

I need a touch
A touch of reason
Before my mind goes madly

And Iíll love you till the end of sunshine
Love you till the end of light
Iíll love you when the stars turn their back on night

I hear the words
Canít grasp their meaning
Somehow it all escapes me

Iím so confused
The only question is
Is you is my baby?